‘It felt like how it was supposed to feel the whole time: ’ Hurricanes coach


SMASH! Kalie MacKinnon moves in for the serve against Mount Allison at Holland College on Feb. 1. Haley MacLeod Photo

By Haley MacLeod

Feb. 2, 2017

The Holland College women’s volleyball team took home a win last night against Mount Allison University.

The Hurricanes won the first set, but lost the second set. They won when they bounced back in the next two sets winning 3-1.

“We didn’t come out as strong as we’d like to. But we ended up pulling it off,” said Hurricane Kalie MacKinnon.

In the first set the teams exchanged the lead but the ‘Canes landed on top with 28-26.

Even though they won the first set, ‘Canes coach Lori-Beth Dwyer said the team could’ve started stronger.

“We had a very slow start.”

Mount Allison took the second set with 25-21, tying the game.

In the third set, the ‘Canes were on their feet, and it earned them another win 25-21.

It all came down to the fourth set, where the ‘Canes put away the game with a 13-point lead.

The final score was 25-12 for the ‘Canes.

MacKinnon said the lead in the last set really boosted the team’s confidence.

“Our energy came back and we were a lot happier.”

This was the first game back for Sam Gerbig, who was out of breath after the game.

“The game was really intense.”

Even though the ‘Canes came out on top, Brittany States said it wasn’t their best.

“We need to talk more and be more positive.”

That didn’t stop the team from going in with the confidence to win, said Dwyer.

“We haven’t lost to them yet, so we had the confidence, but we knew it wasn’t going to be easy.”