‘We knew it would be more exciting if it was a surprise’ – Couple holds surprise wedding in front of family and friends

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Brittany MacEachern, left, and Marcellus Campbell share their first kiss after surprising their friends and families with a surprise wedding at MacPhail’s Homestead in Vernon Bridge, P.E.I on Oct 9, 2016.

By Ryan MacEachern

Oct. 28, 2016

Less than two weeks go, a couple that had been together for five strong years tied the knot, but the wedding was anything but conventional.

Brittany MacEachern and Marcellus Campbell met at the Rollo Bay Fiddle Festival in 2010 and instantly made a connection. Since then, the two have become important parts of each other’s lives, going on to live together in Calgary for two years from 2013 to 2015.

MacEachern has two sisters, a brother and has always had a flare for the outrageous and dramatic.

Living what she describes as a “basic” life, MacEachern does not focus on materialistic things and instead focuses on her education and art. But being a student and living away from her long-time boyfriend was not easy for her.

Campbell was raised in home by his parents, with his two sisters in Little Pond, just outside of Souris. He had known the urgency to get married was mutual and admits to a plan hatching out of a simple conversation.

“We talked about it in the car on the way up to Souris one day, two weeks later we’re married.”

Before she left for St. Mary’s University in Halifax, the two had both agreed they would like to get married and settle down after they complete their respective educations, Campbell at UPEI and MacEachern at SMU.

In late September, MacEachern returned home for a short visit and ultimately realized how much she had missed her long-time boyfriend. The two discussed possible arrangements, which got the wife-to-be thinking.

“What if we make it a surprise?”

MacEachern proposed a time and place and Campbell liked the idea.

“For the first time he didn’t reject my proposal.”

Over the next nine days MacEachern and her younger sister Krista, who also lives in Halifax, planned and prepared for a wedding that would surely catch their family off-guard.

“It is hard to get by as a student, let alone pay for a (normal) wedding.”

The plan had been simple. Campbell would ask his bride’s parents for her hand in marriage, and tell them that he wanted them to be present when he surprised her with a proposal on Thanksgiving.

The parents of both the groom and the bride had no idea of what was waiting for them as they descended towards the proposal destination of MacPhail’s Homestead in Vernon Bridge, P.E.I.

They made their way down a steep hill towards a small bridge with a stream running underneath when they saw Campbell standing on a platform next to a woman who looked to be a minister.

Before the parents could react, MacEachern’s childhood friend began to sing the processional.

The bride, wearing a simple white sundress, began to descend from a leaf-covered platform and make her way out of the forest towards the waiting families.

The parents on each side were overcome with emotion and within minutes, two families had became one.

A surprise wedding is an oddity in a world filled extravagant and elaborate wedding ceremonies, and on Oct. 9, 2016, this newly married couple pulled it off without a hitch.

As the families began to head home and attempt to recover from the events of the day, the bride was asked if she would be keeping her wedding dress on for the party later in the evening.

MacEachern responded quickly, with an overwhelming sense of pride.

“Of course, I didn’t spend $40 for nothing.”