At the last right, she took a left. Local power couple nominated for ECMAs

By Emily Acorn

Feb. 23, 2017

Ashley Clark and her friends got ready for a night show in Charlottetown.

They laughed, sipping their cocktails.

Clark’s roommate, Dylan Menzie, arrived home carrying his guitar on his back.

“Hey everyone,” he said.

“Hello,” they replied.

Kinley Dowling was the most excited to see him.

“Dylan, come out with us tonight. It will be so fun,” she said.

So, he did.

They danced all night.

The bar closed at 2 a.m.

Mikey Woz, one of the friends, had an idea.

“Guys, let’s all get our bikes and go to The Spot.”

The Spot is a top secret location in Charlottetown. When introduced to The Spot, you must swear secrecy.

The group, like a school of fish, peddled under the Charlottetown streetlights.

On the way, Dowling’s bike chain broke. Menzie laughed.

He stopped and fixed the chain. They continued.

It broke again, so he fixed it.

It broke seven more times.

They arrived at The Spot, sat on the ground and shared a bottle of wine under the stars.

It was 3 a.m. and time to go.

“Hey Kinley, I’ll come with you to your house in case your chain breaks again,” Menzie said.

“That would be amazing thank you.”

They were nearing Dowling’s apartment when at the last right turn, she took a left.

Menzie was confused.

“Isn’t your house over there?”

“Yeah, but I have an idea. Come with me.”

She lead him to the docks.

They parked their bikes on the grass and jumped onto the boat port.

“I heard that boat over there is Brad Richard’s,” said Menzie.

“Let’s break in,” she said.

The boat was locked.

They jumped onto a smaller boat and laid down.

They listened to The Bahamas album while watching the sunrise.

Afterwards they biked back to Dowling’s apartment and watched Ferris Bueller’s day off.

They fell in love.

“Ferris Bueller was his choice.”

Menzie is a popular musician in Charlottetown. This year he’s nominated for two ECMAs (East Coast Music Awards), fan choice entertainer of the year and pop recording of the year.

He’s 22 years old.

“I’ve never been nominated so I’m absolutely excited.”

Dowling is a singer/song writer from Charlottetown. She played violin in a local band, Hey Rosetta for nine years.

She has recorded many albums, but recently finished her first self-titled solo album, KINLEY.

The album features her single, Never Coming Home. The song is nominated for dance recording of the year at the ECMAs.

“It’s all about my friend who told me about his past relationship.”

Clark says she could always tell there was a spark between the two.

She was living with Menzie when she met Dowling, said Clark, she noticed they were pretty flirty with each other.

“Soon she was coming over to hangout with him.”