Trash Family takes P.E.I. – Montreal DJ plays at Hunters Ale House, but will be back

Conner Koula ‘Digital Fire’ of Montreal, DJs for Hunter’s Ale House on Saturday Jan. 28, at the Maritimers in Space, three-day electronic music event. Amanda Doucette photo

By Amanda Doucette

Feb. 3, 2017

Its 12:00 a.m. on a Friday night and Conner Koula and Ozzy Nowaczewski are at a club in Montreal.

Eight years earlier, they were 16 years old learning how to DJ at a summer camp.

Now they are part of an electronic music team, The Trash Family.

From the beginning they knew this was their passion.

Koula was never good at music theory in school and he can’t play any instruments, so he never thought he would make a career out of music, he said.

“I’m not a musical person. I have never been able to hold any type of rhythm.”

His life vision changed when he learned how to DJ, Koula said.

“I’m a mechanic full-time but at night I do what I love. When I can make this my full-time job I’ll be truly happy.”

Their music career has been mostly based out of Montreal, but with connections in the East-Coast they’ve preformed seven times, most recently Hunter’s Ale House in Charlottetown, on Jan. 28.

Playing in the East-Coast is a different vibe, said Koula.

“Everyone’s so happy all the time. I love coming here.”

Morgan Clark attended Koula’s show and looks forward to when the Trash Family visits the Maritimes.

“He has a more upbeat sound than some DJs from P.E.I. because he’s exposed to more music in Montreal, I think.”

The Trash Family attends a summer event each year, in Western P.E.I. and he usually attends, said Clark.

“It’s a big party and everyone loves it.”

Nowaczewski’s goal is to share his music Canada wide.

Although he hasn’t visited P.E.I. since 2015, he has had performances in Nova Scotia and Ontario without the other members, he said.

“We do play together sometimes, and it’s great when we have the whole family together. It makes for a better show. But when it comes to promoting sometimes we do need to do a show ourselves.”

Coming up, you can find the Trash Family at some popular events like Future Forest in New Brunswick, Vahalla Sound Circus in Quebec, local Montreal events most evenings, and a surprise appearance this July on P.E.I., said Nowaczewski.

“I’m beyond proud to say I will be attending these festivals. I can’t believe how far we have come, and I hope to see some Maritime faces there.”