‘Mosque vandalism has happened on P.E.I.’

By Bradley Collins

Feb. 6, 2017

Hatred directed at Muslims doesn’t just happen in Quebec.

Richard Brown said a mosque on P.E.I. was vandalized about five years ago.

The recent massacre in Quebec City and the U.S. travel ban makes him worry about the safety of Muslims living on the Island, the Charlottetown MLA said.

“I’m quite concerned about it.”

Muslims are individuals. They have rights just like anyone else. Taking their rights away in the U.S scares him, Brown said.

“Who’s next? When will it be me?”

Brown’s not sure if this is just the tip of the iceberg or if there is something hidden underneath it.

It does concern him as an MLA, cabinet minister and an Islander. The Muslim community is a great community, he said.

“They have all the rights Islanders do.”

Mary Cowper-Smith was at a silent march in Charlottetown on Feb. 4. intended to show support and solidarity with the Muslim community.

She felt a great sadness about the shooting in Quebec City, she said.

In a world where so many terrible things happen, she has a strong feeling Canada must make its values known to the world, she said.

“We have to let refugees know they’re welcome here.”

Frank MacDonald was also at the march.

He has met a number of newcomers where he works. They are very motivated people, he said.

“They’re very enjoyable to work with.”

The shooting in Quebec was an act of hate and we can’t ignore it, he said.

“No one deserved to die like those people.”

MacDonald supports the idea of having newcomers to Canada.

It includes the right for them to preserve their traditions and meld into what we have here, he said.

“It’s about freedom in general.”