‘Politicians require participation from citizens,’ says head of AIMS think-tank

By Sydney Warren

Jan. 20, 2017

Political participation is important in society and makes a difference in the decisions that are made in the country, the president of an economic think tank said in Charlottetown this morning.

Marco Navarro, of the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies (AIMS) spoke to Journalism students at Holland College.

“Politicians require participation from citizens, there is no vote if you don’t vote.”

Journalists have an added responsibility to ask the question and get the information that the public can’t, he said.

“They expect you to gather the facts.”

AIMS does not accept any government funds and has an AIMS on Campus fellowship program that offers students the opportunity to get more involved in public policies.

“We want to bring questions into public consciousness, especially students,” said Alex Whalen, operations manager at AIMS.

Jackson Doughart, AIMS policy analyst said there is a lot to get involved in.

“There is a fellowship program, where you do research for AIMS and write for the blog. There are debates, writing and speaking opportunities and outreach events for students.”

Whalen said journalism is important for citizens and the success of journalism depends on the public markets.

“Markets are the reason journalism is down and up all the time. Journalism plays an important role in democracy.”

Jackson Doughart, AIMS policy analyst and Marco Nevarro, AIMS president speaking to Holland College Journalism students about their AIMS on Campus program. Photo by Sydney Warren