Christian Richard agrees with CNN, Island deserves top spot on list of 17 places to visit in 2017

By Amanda Doucette

Jan. 18, 2016

Christian Richard moved from Houston, Texas to P.E.I. when he was four.

Sixteen years later, in 2016 he moved back.

This month CNN released a list of 17 places to visit in 2017, it features both places and P.E.I. deserved to be No. 1, he said.

“I’ll definitely be back to P.E.I. I couldn’t compare my experience on the Island to living where I do now.”

He misses the sights and overall environment, Richard said.

“I think living on P.E.I. I took for granted how great it is. Living in downtown Houston, you’re in a big city. You don’t have a home-like feeling.”

Although he was born in Texas he tells people he’s from P.E.I., he said.

“I don’t remember much from living in Texas, as a kid so when people ask me where I’m from I say Prince Edward Island and I’m really proud of it. I hope people can tell.”

CNN named P.E.I. the top place to visit this year.

The Island has broken its own tourism records three years in a row, said the chief executive officer of the Tourism Industry Association of Prince Edward Island, Kevin Mouflier.

“Our record breaking annual tourism numbers show that P.E.I. is not just a stop on the way to somewhere else, but a destination.”

From enjoying the red sand beaches, seafood cuisine and learning about Anne of Green Gables, said Mouflier.

“This list solidifies that Prince Edward Island has something for everyone.”

The Charlottetown Inn and Conference Centre has already started taking reservations for this summer, said front desk manager Wendy Murphy.

“We usually get a few reservations for the summer in advance, but it has been steadier this year.”


Felicia Gaudet has lived on P.E.I. her entire life, and now works at the Holiday Inn.

“It’s great for P.E.I. to have this opportunity, it will put our name out there and hopefully do great things for the tourism business as a whole.”

Prince Edward Island was featured on CNN’s list along with countries like Malaysia, Columbia, Thailand and the United States.