Local artisans now have a place where they can sell their products year round

Matt Bowness is the owner of The Overman Artisan Concern on Great George Street in Charlottetown. Brenlee Brothers photo.

By Brenlee Brothers

Nov. 14 2016

Matt Bowness wanted local artisans to have a place where they can sell their products year round.

So the owner of Overman did something about it.

The Overman Artisan Concern on Great George Street in Charlottetown has started to sell products from eight local businesses, Bowness said.

“There’s lots of places that carry local stuff, but a lot of them close in the winter, so I wanted a spot for year round, where the locals can buy stuff and where local artists can have their stuff available year round.”

Bowness has had his own shop for two years on Great George Street. He makes jewellery and brings in crystals and other goods, but it can be tricky finding enough time to produce enough material to fill the shop, he said.

He has brought in a wide variety of Island products such as candles, tinctures, artwork, skin care products, woodwork and work by other jewellers.

In just a few weeks he has taken eight businesses under his roof.

“And I’ve got a few more that are coming in.”

Story Sheidow is the owner of Townes, a hand-made skin and body care business based in Cardigan.

In the summer, Sheidow had her Townes products available in four stores.

“None of those stores are open now.”

Seasonal businesses only allow for products to be sold three or four months of the year, Sheidow said.

“It’s really hard for people to make a go at things.”

It’s really nice Overman is not a seasonal shop, she said.

“It gives us an opportunity to sell things year round, which is really nice.”

Birdmouse is an art gallery and furniture store owned by Heather and Lenny Gallant.

The Gallants had some of their work set up at the Cardigan Train Station market for a year or two, Lenny said.

“Pretty much nothing went. We’re kind of too weird for a lot of places.”

The couple hopes their wall hangings will do well among the skulls and other material sold at Overman.

“That’s really the only way we can sell art out of here,” Lenny said. “Find your niche, wherever it is.”