‘We are all hurting’: Charlottetown rally opposed to U.S. pipeline

Daniel Brown

One person hurting leads to many hurting, said the co-organizer of a rally held in Charlottetown on Tuesday opposing construction of the U.S. pipeline.
Kathleen Romans helped put together the event titled We Stand with Standing Rock on Tuesday evening.
About 100 people, mostly Native American, marched up Queen St. making their way towards the Hon. George Coles Building, singing and playing drums.
Romans celebrated the beauty of P.E.I., and said there is no division among us as we are all brothers and sisters.
“The world is smaller now because of social media. And so when one of us hurts, we all hurt. And what is happening is our earth mother is hurting. We are all hurting.”
Pipelines leak, said Romans, either insignificantly or catastrophically. She said we need a clean earth to look after each other.
“We need to be connected. And so we need to show there is a group of people alive and well on the earth who are coming forward, standing up, telling a story.”
Romans wants to reach out in a prayerful and loving way, which was shown in the cultural displays of the many attending Native Americans.
“Because we’re heart driven. We live in communities. We need each other.”
The Dakota Access pipeline, an almost 2000 mile conduit that will pump about 20 million gallons of oil a day, is currently in construction. It threatens the only water supply to the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, and thousands of people have gathered from across the world to protest, millions on social networks.