Lottery Corp’s free spending ways point to need for oversight: Malone


Nov. 2, 2016

The Atlantic Lottery Corporation was recently audited by the auditor generals of P.E.I., Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, who found some expenditures by the ALC did not demonstrate an appropriate use of shareholder money.

The audit found the ALC purchased $73,000 in concert tickets and handed them out to senior government officials and local MLAs.

He wasn’t surprised, said Keir Malone from Charlottetown.

“It’s becoming increasingly clear we need more openness and oversight into government activity.”

Three hundred tickets were purchased to the 2015 ACDC concert in Moncton, and 125 for the 2014 Cavendish Beach Music Festival, said in report released by the auditor generals

The 125 tickets for the CBMF were purchased after the festival had already given 260 free tickets to the ALC, who is their main partner.

Malone wasn’t the only one with concerns.

Trevor MacInnis from Charlottetown said everyone should be concerned with the expenditures. It’s not surprising and goes on all the time.

“I don’t like it. The ALC is proud to say their money goes back into Atlantic Canada, and it truly has in this case, back into the pockets of politicians.”

Rory Starkman from Charlottetown wondered why the tickets weren’t given to lower-income Islanders.

“What was the reasoning?”

“Is it to get MLAs supporting the arts more? Is it a gift, or is there a bigger purpose? There should be more done for people who can’t afford these things. It comes down to money… I’m not a big fan or corporate greed.”

Susan MacVittie from Crapaud said she couldn’t understand the reason behind giving away so many tickets.

“It’s a bigger issue. I think music should be able to be enjoyed by everyone. It’s my experience working in government that the tickets aren’t used, which takes tickets away from the general public.”

Serhat Tarhan from Charlottetown siad certain measures need to be taken to prevent similar incidents happening in the future.

“Why would the tickets go to government officials? Who exactly received the tickets? What’s going to happen moving forward that will prevent this from happening again? It seems like the ALC wanted to please some high-level officials. What are they hiding?”