Small businessman lauds Self-Employ P.E.I. Program

Julian Taylor, owner of Small Print Board Game Café, displaying one of over 350 board games on Oct. 5 in Charlottetown. Bradley Collins photo.

By Bradley Collins

Oct. 6, 2016

The owner of Small Print Board Game Café says, the Self-Employ Program made it possible for him to dedicate the time to actually start the business.

Julian Taylor, 29, said board game cafes are becoming popular in Canada. Snakes and Latte’s have two locations in Toronto. There are others in Halifax, Fredricton, River View and Newfoundland.

Taylor saw a niche market. He said micro-breweries are popping up in town and the bowling alley renovation made this a great time to open.

“We saw our spot successful.”

This is Taylor’s first business. His partner, Jennifer Campbell, was the executive director of the Small Halls Festival during the planning stage. She dealt with different government programs because of her work.

They looked at different options. They talked to a lot of people. Many suggested the Self-Employ Program because they had accessed it previously.

Taylor jumped at the opportunity. He said you get a chance to talk to program officers about what Charlottetown needs and what was available as incentive to small business owners.

“It’s an investment.”

Taylor said if you have a good idea, complete an appropriate business plan, follow the process and do your research, they will take you seriously.


Taylor would absolutely recommend the program to other small business owners. His business is going well and they are ahead of schedule. They have had a great reception from P.E.I., he said.

“The program is fantastic.”

Taylor said he is fortunate he had friends and family to help. They helped with construction and worked for them in the café. He even had volunteers when the business started.

He eventually hired one of those volunteers. Taylor said people should realize it is a lot of work to start a business.

“Unless you have unlimited funds.”

The Self-Employ P.E.I. Program assists clients like Taylor through the Canada-P.E.I. Labour Market Agreement. Applicants are eligible for support during their first year of operation.