She proposed, using elk antlers…and he said yes

Jamie Crawford holds his “proposal antlers.” Emily Acorn photo

By Emily Acorn

Oct. 7, 2016

A Charlottetown couple had a unique way of tying the knot, when the woman proposed to the man using elk antlers.

Brittany Stewart, also known as Bee, and Jamie Crawford have been madly in love for two years and have talked about getting married.

With the idea buzzing around, Stewart decided to beat Crawford to the question.

“I knew he would say yes.”

The two made jokes in the past about engagement rings and how you could use other things to symbolize love, antlers being one of them.

Stewart got a massive set of elk antlers, painted them gold and attached a giant diamond to the front of them.

One night while Crawford was out, Stewart called and asked him to come home for a second, but didn’t tell him why.

When he arrived to the house, there were 110 candles making a trail from the bottom of the apartment complex’s stairs all the way to their house. Crawford’s first thought was that he was getting lucky.

“I didn’t think I was getting that lucky.”

In the living room were the antlers under a white sheet. When Crawford removed the sheet he was expecting to see Stewart, who was standing behind him silently. He instantly knew what the antlers meant and was filled with happiness. Are you going to marry me or what, Stewart asked.

“I was going to say so much more but I just froze.”

Crawford instantly said yes and called his mother, Jo-Anne Crawford, with the big news.

“I already knew and everything,” said Jo-Anne.

The two are planning to have the wedding next summer and are unsure of plans yet.

But they do plan to have the antlers at the front of the ceremony on a plaque, which they will hang on the wall of their house in the future.