‘No one wants to take the long road’ – Landlord/student battle over shortcut resurfaces

By Amanda Doucette

Oct. 20, 2016

A convenient path for students and workers is up for discussion again after a recent threat was made by the owner to lock the Brown’s Court gate for good.

Taylor Morrison, a UPEI student, said the campus was full of chatter when landlord Paul Gallant emailed Student Union claiming he was locking the gate to the path connecting Queen Street to Browns Court.

“It adds a 20 minute detour to my walk to school.”

In 2015 Gallant locked the gate to the path on his property due to damage and loitering at night.

Gallant’s letter to the school claimed the path was unsafe for students, said Morrison, who walks the path daily.

“The path’s not unsafe, but walking for a longer period, alone at night or in stormy weather could be unsafe.”

Morrison said she attended UPEI in 2015 when the gate was locked until Gallant went to court and asked him to remove it.

“We started a petition, everyone worked together to help change what was setting us back.”

Nick Moase, a Holland College student living off Queen Street, said he just started taking the path this year to commute to and from the university avenue bus.

“No one wants to take the long road. If it’s quick and easy why not take the short cut?”

Moase said he understands the landlords concern for his property being misused, but he hasn’t witnessed anything unsafe while using the path.

“There’s nothing unsafe about it, there was talk about some vandalism but things like that are done at night. He said students want a reliable short cut to the bus or work. Most of us don’t have a car so it really helps in the morning.”