Little Shop of Horrors more about the story than the puppet, says director

By Daniel Brown

Oct. 6, 2016

The best part about Little Shop of Horrors is the story and the music, says director Peter Krauskopf.

Little Shop of Horrors will be the first musical performed at Holland College’s Florence Simmons Production Hall. While producers say the show’s elaborate puppet is the highlight, Krauskopf thinks the soul music and clever story will win the audience over.

“If it’s not a good story people won’t like it; they’ll get up and leave at intermission.”

The play is about a 1950s flower shop attendant who discovers a plant that draws in customers but only survives by eating people. The puppet plant grows throughout the story, the largest iteration being framed with PVC piping.

Of the 30 actors involved, six off them puppeteers, Krauskopf said the cast is great and responsible. He said the stage crew and media have been great as well.

“I have super people to work with.”

ActPEI was originally going to rent the puppets, but found a cheaper option, which they will likely sell. Krauskopf said the larger puppets tend to get very warm for actors inside.

“It’s a workout. It’s like doing hot yoga.”

Krauskopf said the Florence Simmons Production hall was chosen as a cheaper venue, and Little Shop of Horrors was written for a small theatre. He said there is potential to keep the puppets and use them in a bigger production later on.