‘I can be myself there’ – Why dancing isn’t just an exercise option

Robyn practices a pirouette. Haley-Lynn Bohan photo

By Haley-Lynn Bohan

Oct. 12, 2016

For many people, dancing is a way to release emotion, stress and just be yourself and let loose. Robyn Saulnier is no exception.

She started dancing in seventh grade and has been going strong ever since.

She dances with the Karasek Dance Studio in Miramichi, with Natalie Karasek as her instructor.

Saulnier said her favourite thing about dance is that she can release her frustrations and she doesn’t have to pretend to be someone she isn’t.

“I can be myself there.”

She said she has three favourite styles of dance overall: contemporary—a less strict form of ballet, pointe and jazz.

At the Karasek Dance Studio, she practices three nights a week, normally from 6:30-9:30, but she said depending on the day the times vary.

Another aspect she loves is preforming for an audience, which she’ll be doing the first week of November this year. In the competition she will be in four numbers; three group routines, and a contemporary solo routine.

Saulnier said she’s very excited for the competition; not only to perform, but also because it will be the first time Karasek and Spotlights and Sequins—another dance studio in Miramichi—will be competing together. She said they will be competing against each other in every category with the exception of the solo category.

The dancers will also be performing a show open to the public on the first Saturday in June, with a matinee and evening show. Times and prices will be released closer to the show date.