Farm owner shares insight on a whole new world

By Cassidy Jones

Oct. 20, 2016

For a young couple originally from downtown Toronto, running a farm is something they say they never could have properly prepared for.

Kirsten and James Forget were both born and raised in a city less than 20 minutes from the hustle and bustle of Toronto, but they’ve traded that life for one they say is much more rewarding in P.E.I.

After having their three small children in Ontario, the Forget’s decided they wanted a change of scenery for raising their kids, but it was a big decision that took many months to properly plan out.

“P.E.I. wasn’t our first choice.”

James said that originally, he hoped for somewhere with a larger populous so the change wouldn’t be so shocking—but Kirsten had visited the Island as a kid, and wouldn’t compromise.

“I knew if he just saw it he would love it just as much as I do.”

And she was right, the two visited before making their final decision last summer to move to the Island, and it took only a weekend for James to be completely on board.

When they moved to the Island, Kirsten says they lived in their trailer until they found a house in St. Peters Bay, a four-bedroom place with tons of space for growth and an old barn sitting out back.

“I didn’t really have any plans for the barn until I started getting to know people.”

And when she did get to know people, she fell in love with the idea of raising small livestock—chickens, ducks and even a couple goats.

Considering that she’d been right about him loving P.E.I., James said he didn’t put up a fight when she brought up the ideas of having their own little farm.

“It felt like a lot and it really is, but it’s teaching the kids the kinds of lessons they never would have learned in Toronto.”

Every morning before 6 a.m., Kirsten says she gets up before the kids are awake and before James leaves for work to feed the animals on her own.

Their oldest son is in Grade 1, but Kirsten says the two younger kids stay home with her during the day and are slowly taking on more responsibility with the animals.

“Parker and Hannah, our two little ones, help me feed the animals, give them water, and love to play with them and chase them around the yard.”

It’s a lot of work, Kirsten says, but at the end of the day no matter how tired she feels, it’s always completely and totally worth it just to see the grins on her kids faces when they wake up and see their own little farm outside their windows.