High school teacher writes book to help teenagers in personal development

By Kyle LaRusic

Sept. 30, 2016

Ryan Keliher has taught hundreds of students over his 10-year teaching career and enjoyed working with them, watching them grow.

That inspired Keliher to write a book about helping students with personal development and helping set them up for a better future titled, The Superstar Curriculum: A Teenagers Guide to Success in School and Life.

After three years of writing, the book is finally in the publication process and set to be released on Amazon sometime in October.

“This book has had lots of twists and turns but I’m really excited to be in the publication process now,” said Keliher.

When reading this book, teenagers can expect to learn how to make the best of high school and work on personal development.

Erin Dodds is a Grade 11 student at Charlottetown Rural High School. This book is a great opportunity for teenagers to personally develop, she said.

“Personal development isn’t something they teach us in school, so when a teacher as approachable as Mr. Keliher writes a book about it, people could really get motivated to do so.”

Her biggest issue throughout high school was figuring out what she wants for the future. This book could help students struggling with the idea of adulthood, Dodds said.

“It could help them strategically make choices helping them choose a career path.”

Teenagers aren’t the only ones who struggle. Keliher admits finding himself at standstill while writing the story over three years.

“I found myself at times using my own advice and going back reading through the chapters on resilience to help me get through the writing process.”

He had help from family giving him feedback and his English students. He would read early drafts to them so they could help.

“I honestly don’t have enough time to name everyone who played a part in making this book happen.”

Candice Mackenzie is a youth worker at Stonepark Intermediate. This book is a great opportunity for not just high school students, but also junior high students growing up, she said.

“Personal development is key. When you know yourself, everything else eventually falls into place.”

Anxiety is a big thing now and books like this can help with that and dealing with other issues she said.

“With more students going through, the need is much more higher for kids who need help. A book like this can help them majorly in the long run.”

Kelhuer stresses this book is focused on personal development rather than academics. There’s a little something in here for everybody, he said.

“If even just one person benefitted from reading this book, I would view it as a success.