Local entrepreneur expanding meal delivery business

Terrence Taylor, left, and Colin Youker show off some of the TnT ‘grab and go’ meals available at the Spa Total Fitness Centre and Rawsome Juice in Charlottetown. Evan Ceretti photo.


Oct. 5, 2016

Terrence Taylor has a message for you: if you want to eat healthily, he’ll help you make it happen.

His business, The TnT Food Experience, which started out as a meal delivery service, is now also in the ‘grab and go’ business.

Taylor sold his first meal through TnT, which stands for Terrence N’ Trendsetters, just over one year ago.

The 28-year-old entrepreneur wants to motivate Islanders to eat healthier and be happier through experiencing food.

“If you eat what the ground has given you… you’re going to feel good,” he said

TnT offers healthy meals to people who want to be healthy and eat better. Taylor wants people to stop using the excuses “I don’t have time, it costs too much, or I forgot my lunch,” he said.

“We’ll bring the food to your house, we’ll bring it to your job, we’ll bring it to wherever you need to eat.”

The meal delivery service is great for people who like to plan ahead, but the ‘grab and go’ service is more for people who need a quick fix, he said.

Taylor teamed up with Rawsome Juice Bar and Spa Total Fitness Centre to make it even easier for consumers to try his product, and eat healthily on the go.

Colin Younker, owner of the Spa, said it was an easy decision to have Taylor’s products available.

Having healthy food available is an added value to the membership, he said.

“It’s been nothing but great reviews for the food.”

Taylor is part of Propel ICT, a program aimed at educating and mentoring entrepreneurs through workshops and personalized coaching from professionals.

It’s a business degree for your business, in 12 weeks, said Taylor.

The program has given him the tools needed to create and grow his business, and to know everything about it. This has prompted him to ask questions, he said.

“What have I learned? Who are my most loyal clients?”

Taylor realized a lot of his clients were athletes looking to up their performance game.

One of his clients is a diabetic hockey player. After weeks of eating TnT’s delivered meals, he was able to reduce his insulin intake by 80 per cent, said Taylor.

Knowing this, and utilizing what Propel has taught him, Taylor has been transforming TnT to be athlete-centered.

Taylor plans to approach more small businesses and fitness centres to have his products sold in an environment where athletes will be looking for a healthy meal that won’t slow them down.

However, the business is still sticking to its roots and will continue delivering meals to anyone and everyone who wants them.

“I just want people to feel good,” he said.

Also, Taylor expanded the TnT brand to include hats and t-shirts that send positive messages.

The next step is to develop Terrence Taylor, the brand, he said.

Even though he loves being in a kitchen and creating meals for people, that’s not where he wants to spend all his time and energy.

Taylor would like to host more events and cuisine-based dinners where he’s able to be himself and let his personality shine, he said.

He knows the future holds a lot of hard work, but piece-by-piece he’s evolving his vision of the TnT Food Experience and making his dream come true, he said.

“It’s a long game.”