Students excited for awards celebration

By Letre Sweeting

Jan. 26, 2016

Sarah Runions remembers when she found out she was accepted into Holland College’s Culinary Arts program last July.

She learned that she could apply for student awards and immediately started applying for entrance awards.

“I thought I should apply to every one. I had over 40 awards (applications).”

Runions sent her applications to admissions for circulation and consideration.

“It was pretty straight-forward. You needed certain things. You can send it in and they take care of it from there. Then you get notified.”

Then she waited.

“I think the hardest part was waiting.”

Four months later, she got the word she was hoping for.

“ It’s really nice when you get notified that you’ve won.”

Runions said the money brings financial relief and allows her to better enjoy her college experience.

“I’m so happy. It helps me financially because I’m from Ontario and I have to pay for flights along with everything else.”

Runions is grateful and plans to go to the Student Awards Celebration at Holland College on Feb. 17, to thank her sponsors and congratulate others.

“I’ll be able to meet my sponsors, thank them in person and be able to attend an event where I get to see everyone. It’s just a fun occasion.”

Runions won the Delta Prince Edward Culinary Arts award, the Samuel Holland Entrance Award and outside of school, the Loblaw Scholarship.

Pastry Arts student Greer Guest also applied for awards but was not successful.

She said she felt a lot of pressure to help ease her parent’s financial burden.

“They had been paying for a lot of my tuition since high school. My dad really likes to see his kids succeed. I thought it would really make him proud and ease up what my loan would end up being.”

In December, Guest applied again for enrolled scholarships and is awaiting results. She was happy to have a second chance.

“I was very relieved and ecstatic because I applied for several awards and bursaries. Anything to help my parents out.”

Like Runions, she plans to attend the awards celebration at Holland College.

“It sounds like it will be an experience, because I’ve never gone to anything like that before.”