Exercising for a drink Holland College celebrates its annual Earth Day celebration


By Tori Vail

April 22, 2016

One man was handing out purple smoothies blended when he peddled his bicycle.

Holland College celebrated its annual Earth Day celebration April 22 outside the Prince of Wales Campus in Charlottetown.

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Alex Casey and Angus MacDonald play music as part of celebrating Earth Day. Holland College had its annual celebration outside the Prince of Wales Campus. Tori Vail photo.

A blender was attached to a bicycle. When the bike was being peddled, the smoothie started to blend.

A member of Holland College’s Green Machine, Blair Arsenault said the bike promotes a healthy lifestyle.

The Green Machine is Holland College’s sustainability committee.

“You are getting exercise when riding the bike, and making a healthy smoothie.”

People were encouraged to bring in their old electronics to recycle.

The event promoted a more efficient lifestyle such as solar panel, air panels and recycling.