Warmer weather has people feeling better

By Darcy Cudmore

March 7, 2016

Laura Woodworth is enjoying the Winter River trail in East Suffolk, P.E.I., with her dog, Moose.

The warm temperatures and low levels of snow make for perfect walking weather.

At this time last year, walking the trail would have been impossible.

“It’s hard to believe sometimes that it’s still March and not May. I think we’ll all take this weather after the miserable last winter.”

Snow piles of 10 feet or more kept most people from leaving their homes last winter. A year later, people are out walking and taking in the fresh air.

It’s great for people’s mental and physical health, Woodworth said.

“To get out and go for a walk or a jog or even just be outside and not cooped up inside eating junk food watching TV like everyone did last year. It’s great.”

Ian Murray enjoys going for a jog after work.

Last spring he felt out of shape after hardly being able to get out and run because of the snow.

“Unless I had a treadmill or went to a running track or whatever, it was impossible to get out. Sidewalks were hardly cleared and roads were narrow. It’s a safety thing.”

Murray rarely gets out to a gym or running track.

“I enjoy the outside. You can’t duplicate that. It’s motivation in itself.”

Islanders will soak in the warm temperatures and low snow levels. After last winter it is exactly what we hoped for. Who knows what next year will bring.