Students present Bioscience research projects


Cameron Lynch

April 1, 2016

Tanya Frost completed a bio analysis of honey and its effectiveness on MDA-MB-231, a breast cancer cell line, to see if it preferentially killed cancer cells while leaving healthy cell unaffected.

It didn’t.

Her project was one of six prepared by students in the Bioscience program at Holland College and presented in the college library April 1.

Frost used honey to test the effects it has on lung cancer. She said she used different types of honey for her experiment.

“I used four types of honey for my experiment, honey that was made from Borage, Buckwheat, Clover, and Wildflower.”

Cm science
Second-year Bioscience student Tanya Frost stands next to the project she presented at the Holland College library April 1.     Cameron Lynch photo

Honey has these effects on cancers because of Carotenoid and Flavonoid, she said, adding the honey was not the hardest part.

“The hardest part of this experiment was the concept of the experiment, also having enough patience to grow up to one million cells which took up a lot of the experiment’s time.”

“Overall the experiment took me five weeks to complete, even though it felt more like five months.”

Frost said she would definitely like to try to duplicate her results again –

minus the stress it caused.

Frost is a second-year Bioscience student.

Sandy MacDonald, vice president of academics at Holland College, said he loved the projects. He said the students did a tremendous job.

“The quality of the research is very high. Along with that, I also learned that dark chocolate is good for you.”

He said this helps the students grow physically and mentally and shows them what to expect in the outside world.

“The students are getting a real particle experience of research and lab work. Plus they are also making their ideas marketable.”

But MacDonald can see the hard work being put into each project.

MacDonald said he had no favourites but there was one in particular he did like.

“I did like the one that said chocolate and wine is good for you, so when my wife says don’t have another glass of wine I can say, ‘Hey it’s good for me.’”