Graduates give internship advice to first-year students  


By Darcy Cudmore

March 8, 2016

Ancelene MacKinnon works with the Journal-Pioneer in Summerside but it wasn’t so long ago that she was a second-year intern at the paper.

She works four days a week with the newspaper writing stories and taking photographs.

Those four weeks allowed her to learn and gain experience in the field, leading to the job offer she got after graduating.

Internships offer a great chance to gain experience and knowledge in the field, MacKinnon told Holland College journalism students on March 2.

“It can be stressful and it is hard work but believe me it is an amazing experience and you’ll meet some interesting people.”

She gave tips like being on time and prepared, as well as dressing professionally. She told students to be confident in their work and aim to impress.

MacKinnon spent her first-year internship at The Guardian in Charlottetown and talked about the thrill of seeing her stories printed.

“Seeing your byline for the first time is so exciting.”

Geordie Carragher is a former graduate. He said internships are great opportunities for students to make a first impression in the industry.

“Editors and other staff members will always take notice of interns who work hard, and that positive feedback can only help going forward.”

Although students will want to impress and do their best, sometimes making mistakes is the best way to learn, he said.

“It’s easy to set really high expectations for yourself, but everybody is human and mistakes happen. Showing the ability to learn from mistakes is where an intern’s biggest progression can be made.”

The students will head to newspapers across the Maritimes at the end of March to get their first taste of working in the field. It is a new experience for them but like MacKinnon and Carragher, it will offer a great opportunity.