Charlottetown vegetarian restaurant one of Canada’s 64 best, Baron Magazine


By Evan Ceretti

March 7, 2016

One of Charlottetown’s only two vegetarian restaurants has been recognized by French Canadian magazine, Baron, as one of 64 vegan and vegetarian restaurants to discover in Canada.

Splendid Essence on Prince Street has been open for four years and offers a completely meat-free menu.

Manager Vicki Tsai said she didn’t expect the recognition.

“Of course, we feel very happy. It’s an honour.”

The restaurant’s opening was based on the teaching of Buddhism.

“When we started, we started because our spiritual master.”

The restaurant wants to offer vegetarian dishes to ensure optimal health, said Tsai.

“We think it’s good for the people. It’s healthy.”

Vaughn Murphy from Charlottetown is a regular at the restaurant.

“I’m not a vegetarian. I just like the food.”

His favorite dishes are typically from the appetizer menu, such as dumplings, bamboo rice and veggie buns.

Tsai would like to see more people eating more vegetarian-based diets and less meat. Cruelty towards animals always plays a part in why the restaurant chooses to be vegetarian.

Being vegetarian is better than eating meat, she said.

“It’s more healthy.”

Murphy said it’s nice to know the Island has restaurants that can live up to national standards.

“It makes me feel good an Island business is getting recognition nationally. Hard work can pay off.”

Baron magazine didn’t say anything specific about any of the restaurants, it just listed them in different areas of Canada as more of a guide.

“More and more people are choosing the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle,” said the magazine.