Pronouncing of Newfoundland not so easy to understand

By Kyle LaRusic

Feb. 10, 2016

Mindy Kaling recently created a social media wave after tweeting about the pronunciation of Newfoundland.

“You pronounce Newfoundland like ‘understand’, according to my friend who just shot a movie there,” the tweet read.

Hundreds of people across Canada began commenting, praising her for the tweet.

James Byrne, a former sea cadet based in Newfoundland, has travelled quite a bit during his time, with his home-province pronounced many different ways.

However, the name isn’t the only thing that people misunderstand, he said.

“I once told an American woman I was from Newfoundland to which she replied ‘Wow Europe!”

Many Newfoundlanders find it highly ignorant to mispronounce the name, but Byrne doesn’t take it too personally.

“Newfoundland is normally mispronounced but I usually take it as more of a local dialect than ignorance like most others.”

Byrne felt the ‘Newfoundland understand’ movement to be funny but sees why something like it is happening.

“I find Newfoundlanders to be very proud people, which must be the catalyst for the current phase.”

Unlike Byrne, not all Newfoundlanders take mispronunciations of the province so lightly.

Dave Williams says it really bothers him when people can’t say it correctly, and he makes sure to not let it slide.

“It drives me crazy, every time someone doesn’t say it right I just tell them I’ve never heard of that place and make sure they get the message.”

Throughout the years, Williams has heard many variations of the name, some worse than others.

“You always have these idiots going around saying stupid stuff like Newfieland or Newfinland.”

Kaling’s tweet may help clear up the confusion.