How Islanders celebrate Islanders Day

By Carson Deveau

Feb. 23, 2016

For Freda Avery, Islanders Day is all about relaxing with family.

She said she likes to spend the day with her grandchildren, and other than that she doesn’t care what she does.

“Our plans are real flexible; it’s just a day off.”

Islander Day is a province-wide holiday that takes place annually on the third Monday in February.

The holiday was given to Islanders as a reward for their hard work throughout the harsh winter months. Communities across the Island usually set up activities for residents to participate in.

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Delia Tassell talks about her plans for Islander Day, which includes a family day at Brookvale Provincial Ski Park. Carson Deveau photo.

For some Islanders, the day is quite busy.

Karla Chappell is a mother of three and her day is filled with running around with her children.

She plans to take her kids to Brookvale Provincial Ski Park for a day of hitting the slopes.

She said her kids are only seven, nine and 11 and love going to Brookvale any chance they can.

“They love skiing, which is nice because it’s quicker to get them into skis anyways.”

She’s not the only family spending the holiday on the slopes.

Delia Tassell is taking her three daughters out to Brookvale for the day as well, but it comes with a catch.

“We are going on a family trip to Dominican soon. So, I’m making the kids pull out their summer clothes to see what they need.”

She said the skiing is a reward to get her daughters to pack, since she knows no one enjoys packing for these trips.