Most students in Holland College agree that marijuana should be legalized


Harun Sadat

Feb. 8, 2016

Marijuana is expected to be legalized around this time next year.

Most students at Holland College interviewed by The Surveyor have a positive reaction to marijuana being legalized.

Kyla Butler said it’s a good idea.

“If alcohol is legal, marijuana should be as well. Alcohol has worse effects on you than alcohol.”

Jessica Dekorte said it should be legal so people would to make a big deal of it.

“I am from Holland and it was legal there and no one seemed to smoke it much. When I came to Canada I noticed so many people smoking marijuana. I think if it is legalized people wont do it as much, or at least do it more responsibly.”

Gabe Bower said she doesn’t care.

“It doesn’t affect me.”

Jocelyn Claybourne says she has no concerns for it.

“I am fully on board with legalizing marijuana.”

Chelsea Barry said it’s a good idea.

“It will be great as long as they don’t tax it too high.”

Mark Zaken also said it’s a good idea.

“As long as they monitor it well and keep it under control. It needs to stay out of the hands of minors.”

Alex Corbett said it’s not a huge deal.

“I am in the middle. Not against it if used properly.”