Holland College art showcase April 21

By Tori Vail

April 18, 2016

When photography student Angela Dowie was given the assignment to make an industrial setting look attractive, she never imagined she would use the photo to showcase as one of her best photos at the end of the year.

But she did.

She chose to photograph the Irving tanks near the foot of the Hillsborough Bridge.

It was just a school project, but she really liked it, Dowie said.

“I cross the bridge every day, but this time I went at sunset. I love the sunset on P.E.I.,” she said.

Fundamental Arts, Graphic Design, Photography and Digital Imaging and Video game Art and Animation second year students will showcase their art at the Confederation Centre Art Gallery April 21 – May 9.

Fundamental Arts students were told to choose a city they would like to go to most.

TV photo
Photography student Angela Dowie

Hannah Matheson really wants to travel to Kyoto, Japan.


“I thought Kyoto looked pretty. In my piece there are two girls in dresses with the city behind them. I focused on the girls dresses,” she said.

The Fundamental Arts students made passports for the event. When you go you can get a stamp for where you want to go or where you have been, said Matheson.

The showcase, called Make Me, put on by Holland College School of Visual Arts will start on April 21 at 4 p.m. and go till May 9.

Graphic Design instructor, April Condon said students worked hard on their projects.

“The students are all creative. I could give one assignment and they would all come back with something completely different.

“Life needs people to create and build things. These are the creators.”

Photography instructor Alex Murchison said he lets the students decide what they want to display.

It is nice for the students to have this event to mark their time at Holland College, he said.

“It marks a milestone.”

Fundamental Arts students Gabriel Arsenault, Stephanie Butt, Daryl Clark, Darren Martin, Hanna Matheson, Ali McNeill showcase a linoleum reduction print group project as well as individual projects.

Graphic Design students Sarah Abbott, Hannah Gibson, Dylan McQuaid, Nolan Peters, Mary Waddell, Allison Woad showcase a letter they screen printed.

Photography and Digital Imaging students Gabrielle Bower, Kayla Butler, Angela Dowie, Lexia Jaxen and Jessica de Korte showcase two of their top prints of the year.

Video Game Art and Animation students Mallory Ahern, Jack Baldwin, Eva Blaquiere, Matthew Handrahan, Daniel Hoyt, Jordi Lund, William MacNeil, William Quilty, Nay Bu Saw Shee and Nathan Smith made a virtual 3D art gallery.

People can use controllers to walk through a virtual gallery to see the students work.