A second eye – Number of Charlottetown Police security cameras over 50, expected to double

By Chris Gregory

April 11, 2016

Those making their way around the City of Charlottetown might notice more and more security cameras going up on street corners.

It’s been over a year since Charlottetown Police began installing the business-sponsored security cameras and now there are over 50 around the city.

“They act as security for the business that sponsors them, so we work with the businesses to meet their needs,” said Sgt. Dave Pound of Charlottetown Police.

“We’re currently and constantly seeking business support.”

In the past year, Pound says there has been much success and they want to continue to present the idea to new businesses.

“Businesses have been happy with the service. It’s the fact they’ve been present and acting as a deterrent. Going forward, I can only see them being more beneficial to us, but the more that are out there, the more we can utilize them.”

The businesses put up $6,000 per camera on a five-year commitment for installation, maintenance and monitoring. Though it very much acts as that business’s camera, the police gain a valuable asset.

Officers can get footage streamed right to their car, which can allow them to gain an edge when dealing with an incident.

“We’re able to see what’s needed before an officer arrives at an incident,” said Detective Sidney Stead.

“In this day and age, it’s policing smarter and with technology.”

Stead says he expects the number of cameras, which currently stands at just over 50, to double over the next year putting a ‘public safety’ stamp on Charlottetown.

“When people come to the city of Charlottetown, they expect to be safe.”