Paid intern opportunity for Holland College graduates


Feb. 24, 2016

Stewart Maclean is making a 3D model of a German tank recently adopted by the Canadian army.

Maclean is a modeler for something called the Army Learning Support Center in Gagetown, New Brunswick. He is responsible for creating 3D versions of military equipment such as weapons and vehicles, used in a virtual battle space simulator.

The game is used for military scenario training and mission rehearsals, said Maclean.

“My job is to re-scale elements around the tank and model in new components so it can be visually accurate to the real life version.

“This project is expected to take me to the end of the month, afterwards I’ll most likely move on to a different vehicle.”

BRB GagetownThe 21-year-old is a Holland College graduate of video game art and animation. He is one of 25 people accepted annually into the Canadian Forces internship in Gagetown.

At the end of the one-year internship, Maclean will have earned a diploma of advanced studies and gained experience in a workplace setting.

Dan Daigle is a representative from Canadian Forces Base Gagetown.

The internship allows students to capitalize on their skills before entering the workforce, he said.

“We can shuffle you around and improve your skills while you’re here.”

The program helps to bring to focus creative types in a business world, Daigle said.

“If we can’t find it, we’ll get our team to build it,” he said. “We’re the only entity of its kind.”

The internship pays an hourly wage of $15.69 and opens doorways for future job opportunities with the RCMP, the Navy, the Air force and the FBI.

The cost of tuition is $3,150 and the deadline to apply is April 1.