This winter is better than last year, most agree

Harun Sadat

March 4, 2016

Ancelene MacKinnon says there are many possibilities to take pictures in the winter.

In a recent presentation to journalism students at Holland College about photography, she said it is much easier to take “stand alines” in the winter.

“It could be a family sliding down a snow hill or a man walking his dog.”

Last year there was a lot of snowfall and MacKinnon took many pictures. But this year the weather was a little different. There was not as much snowfall as last year.

Jackie Mackay said she think’s summer is coming earlier.

“I am a lot happier, this winter is much better.”

John Hopkinson said he likes this winter better than last.

“March can still bring a lot of snow but I didn’t like last winter so I am happy right now. I prefer summer.”

Vincent Brazil said he is looking forward to the sun and summer parties.

“I think summer will be here when it needs to be here, I am looking forward to the warmth.”

Three-year-old Thomas Brown said he wants summer to be here.

“It’s too cold.”

Joanne McGinnis said she likes this winter much better.

“I did some cross-country skiing but summer is coming just in time.”

Anne Campbell said this winter is easier than last.

“I don’t mind it now, it feels like spring, looking forward to summer. This winter I went to a lot of hockey games. My dogs love it more this year since they get to go outside.”