VIU Mariners surge to victory against Briercrest Clippers 3-2

By Jason Ginter

March 10, 2016

The VIU Mariners won their best-of-five game upsetting the third ranked Briercrest Clippers in the CCAA Women’s National Volleyball Championships March 10.

The Mariners will advance to the semi-finals, which will be held March 11.

The first set began slowly for the Mariners, trailing 19-9 before their playing picked up. They were able to bring the score up to a 21-21 tie, but eventually lost the first set 27-25.

Not to be denied a win, the Mariners beat the Clippers in the second set 25-22.

In the third set, the points went back and forth, with the two teams scoring point for point. In one tense moment, the ball rolled on the net, all players staring in anticipation, until the ball went over and the play continued. The set ended with the Clippers taking a win, 25-23.

The fourth set went on in the same fashion, giving the Mariners their second set win, tying the match 2-2.

The crowd shifted in their seats as the fifth and final set began. The Clippers and Mariners exchanged points up to a score of 5-5, when the Mariners took the lead with two powerful hits by Andrea Canovic, number 17.

They switched sides at 8-5, and Canovic swung once more.

The Clippers requested a time-out. The Mariners’ supporters began to chant.

“Here we go Mariners, here we go.”

They struck up a beat with their drums, continuing the chant.

The Clippers scored three more points, but in the end it was not enough, the Mariners won the final set 15-8.

With this win the Mariners advance to the semi-finals.

Samantha Zacharias of the Clippers, number 12,was named player of the match for the Clippers.

Chantal Cummings of the Mariners, number 8, was named player of the match for the Mariners.

She said she could think of several plays she could have improved on.

“I need to work on better blocking.

Head coach Shane Hyde had few words to say about their performance.

“Well, we won.”

They have played the Clippers previously, said Hyde.

“We played them before in Hawaii.”

As for their plans for the future, Hyde said the players needed rest.

“She’s going to sleep.”