Humber continue lead in the second set



By Letre Sweeting

March 10, 2016


The Humber Hawks extended their lead 25-22 in the second set against the MSVU Mystics at the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association Women’s Volleyball National Championship today at Holland College in Charlottetown.

Several Canadian high schools and primary schools and nursery schools were present cheering for the teams.

The second set started strong with Humber securing a 2-1 lead. They tied with the Mystics five times before Humber’s Thalia Hanniman broke the tie. The Hawks led for the rest of the set.

The Hawks and the Mystics will be playing again on March 11. The championship continues until Sunday March 12 at 8 p.m.

In the second set, the Hawks took over scoring twice with Elizabeth Deakin-Poot and Camille and Hanniman, before the Mystics scored. The Hawks went on to score a point and kept up the lead.

During a timeout called by the Mystics, the crowd cheering for the Mystics started banging drums and noisemakers.

“Let’s go Mystics, Let’s go!” they shouted.

After the game began again, the Hawks’ Coach encouraged his team to keep pushing.

“Lets go push!” he said

After tying several times and the mystics calling timeout twice.

The Mystics served long twice giving the points to the Hawks, the crowd jumped up and down and shouted with joy as the Hawks won again 25-22.