Briercrest Clippers win first set 27-25 against VIU Mariners

Briercrest Clippers win first set 27-25 against VIU Mariners


The Briercrest Clippers beat the VIU Mariners in the first set of the second game of the CCAA Women’s National Volleyball Championships on March 10.

The Clippers are ranked third in the tournament, playing against the Mariners, ranked sixth. Their next sets will determine who competes for a spot in the championship game.

What started out as a hard match for the Mariners soon turned into a fast-paced, intense game.

The Clippers started with an early lead, 8-4.

The referee and coach discussed the eighth point and turned it over to the Clippers, originally a point for the Mariners.

At the next serve, the Mariners watched as the ball smashed into their court, not being touched.

Their coach called for a time-out.

As the set went on to a score of 19-9, things were not looking good.

In a spectacular recovery, the Mariners surged back to tie the set 21-21.

The set went on to 24-24, meaning the teams would have to win by two points, going beyond the normal 25-point limit.

In an intense set of rallies, the Clippers beat the Mariners 27-25, closing out the first set.