Student union president plays important role in college

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Holland College Student Union president David Campbell promotes the Gerry Dee show in Summerside to passing students outside his office at the Charlottetown campus. Darcy Cudmore photo

By Darcy Cudmore

Jan. 27, 2016

Being the elected president of the Holland College student union is not easy.

Josh Vessey knows the impact they can make.

“The role is extremely important not only for the student union, but for the school.”

He is the events and marketing coordinator of the student union.

“Anything the students need we’re here for them.”

The student union makes life easier for students through services and financial support. They take care of health and dental plans, which he said have drastically improved this year.

Greg Gairns is the general manager of the student union. He said coverage went as low as 10 per cent in past years.

“It’s now 80 per cent across the board.”

David Campbell is the elected president.

He is in his second year of computer information systems at the Summerside campus and believes in the work the student union does.

Campbell campaigned hard to get where he is and eventually won the vote in March. He is the first ever president from the Summerside campus.

He has worked with Vessey and Gairns, who are employed by the student union, to do some big things for the college.

They’ve organized bringing one of the biggest comedians in Canada to Summerside for a live show. The theatre’s 500 seats were filled on the night of the show.

They also organized a paint party that sold 650 tickets and could have sold more.

They bring a community feel to the school, which is extremely important, especially for students from away, Campbell said.

“We present good opportunities for students to meet one another, among many other things.”

The student union will be electing a new president in March for the next school year.

Vessey and Gairns hope the next president will be as good as Campbell has been at the position.

The president of the student union is an important job open to the students of Holland College and the three student union workers are always eager to talk about how they can help the students.