Looking for news? It’s look to social media first for some

By AJ MacLeod

Feb. 3, 2016

Luke Poirier is in love with social media.

The first-year business administration student at Holland College says social media is the No. 1 way to get news out to everybody.

“I pretty much rely on it for everything. If I hear there’s going to be a storm within the next few days, I’m on Facebook and Twitter trying to see what the people at CBC are saying.”

Emma Naugle feels the same way.

Naugle is a first-year sport and leisure management student at Holland College.

She only started to understand how important social media is recently.

“I didn’t realize how important it was until I started seeing a lot of radio stations and companies make Facebook and Twitter accounts.”

She depends on social media to tell her what celebrity rumours are real and which ones are not, and if school is cancelled due to poor weather.

It was a little different for Poirier.

He started to notice social media’s importance when he began helping his father.

“My dad works for a real estate company and he told me that if I make him a Twitter account he would pay me 50 bucks.

“Of course I said yes, because I needed the money, but ever since I made him the account he’s been a lot busier.”

Naugle said it’s big becoming the biggest way to broadcast news.

“If you look around the college campus you’ll see almost everybody on their phones.

“It only makes sense for companies to start making posts on Twitter and Facebook whenever a story breaks.”