Joke on sign goes wrong for Summerside car dealer

By Kyle LaRusic

Jan. 28, 2015

John Mellish stumbled across a saying on a blog. He found it funny and decided put it on his sign.

“Women are like snowflakes, they can’t drive,” it read.

The Summerside car dealer could never have predicted what happened next. People began calling to complain. One woman said she’d gladly shoot him.

Still, Mellish said support from Islanders has been great.

“People around here know my personality and know I never meant to offend anyone when it was put up, unfortunately not all people felt the same way.”

Chelsey Wright of Charlottetown doesn’t agree with the sign, but people over-reacted, she said.

“I don’t think he should’ve written that on the sign, but people need to chill out and stop over-reacting to everything.”

Brandon Hughes of Charlottetown said women need to stop taking everything so seriously.

“People need to take the sign for what it was, a joke.”

Mellish said several marketing experts have commented on the controversy saying he just received a million dollars worth of free advertising.

“Free advertisement is never a bad thing,”

As for how this might affect his business, Mellish hurt his back and won’t be able to keep running the shop for much longer, so he’s looking to close down until May.

“All of this will blow over by the time we re-open, I’m not worried about anything.”

Mellish wanted to make it clear it was his wife who put up the sign, not him.

“My wife is a female now, she always has been, and she always will be.”

His sign now reads, “Used cars are like husbands, they look good, but they all have problems.”