Senator wants bridge toll to be lifted

By AJ MacLeod

Jan. 27, 2016

Using the Confederation Bridge should be free for everyone leaving the Island, says a P.E.I. senator.

Percy Downe made the comment while speaking to the first-year journalism students at Holland College on Jan. 25.

The $46 price for the bridge is too much for people leaving the Island to pay, he said.

“Paying $46 is pretty pricey and I think the fee shouldn’t even exist.”

Ryan Walsh of Charlottetown has thought that for years.

“My parents love taking trips to Costco every month, but the price of the bridge is ridiculous.”

The third-year business student at UPEI doesn’t understand why the toll was put there in the first place.

“I know the bridge had a big price tag, but I think they could have found a different way to pay it off.”

Downe said it’s an effective way to pay the cost of the bridge, but it’s unfair to Islanders.

It shouldn’t be coming out of Islanders pockets, but someone else’s, he said.

“It’s unfair for Islanders to pay every time they want to use the bridge to get off the Island.

“Even if they dropped the price by half or so, $46 is just too expensive.”

Walsh said a more realistic possibility would be dropping the price.

“They made the bridge for us to use, so it only makes sense that we help pay for it, but they should definitely drop the price a bit.”