“We need youth to get involved in trades’

By Justin Garnhum

Oct. 30, 2015

Sam Sanderson says its crucial young people get interested in the trades.

He’s the general manager of the Construction Association of P.E.I.

“We need to get youth involved, get some excitement into it for them, really show them what the trades sector and construction industry is all about,”

The trades industry in P.E.I. faces a shortage of workers among electricians, plumbers and carpenters.

Rob Swain has been doing carpentry work for a few years. He doesn’t see a decline in work, but it can happen to some certain times of the year.

“Warm weather is when we get lots of work and now the temperatures are changing. Some people don’t want to do outside renovations and that could leave some guys wondering what to do.”

Windsor Park is a 146-acre subdivision in West Royalty. The subdivision has over 40 homes and counting.

Electrician John Garnhum he hasn’t seen a decline in work in his trade, or in his neighborhood.

“I go to work every day and have something to do. Whether it’s an apartment building or business, we’re doing something.

In recent years, as many as four-to-five new houses have been built over the course of the summer by contractors and independent builders.

“We moved in about four years ago. There could be anywhere from three to five new houses go up during the summer months depending who wants to build and when.”

The subdivision is bordered by Upton Road and Royalty Road and is the exact location of the failed Royalty Heights subdivision that contained plans for 539 lots in 2007.