Modigliani (no, not that one) exhibit in Charlottetown Art Gallery

By Samantha Steele

Oct. 8, 2015

Leah Modigliani wanted to try sculpting for the first time. She drew inspiration from civil protest in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.

Now her work is on display at the Charlottetown Art Gallery for their fall exhibit.

The Temple University professor is a Canadian-based artist living in Philadelphia.

At a fall launch Oct. 3, Modigliani talked about her work.

“It’s the first time I’m making visual work that integrates some of my political artist research.”

The sculptures were inspired from press photographs.

The sculptures show the discrepancy between what actually happened in history and how we interpret that history today said Modigliani.

Curator Pan Wendt is pleased to have Modigliani travel from Philadelphia to showcase her work in the fall exhibit.

Her last piece, featured at the gallery, had a twist on a classic speech. She named it Leah Modigliani’s Retirement Speech, Wendt said.

“She had herself videotaped at a podium delivering Wayne Gretzky’s famous retirement speech word for word…she has a very playful approach to art making.”

Curator Kevin Rice said there are other selected works at the gallery.

“We wanted to use works that were acquired recently and we wanted to mix up those with older ones…it’s an interesting way to look at the collection.”

Aside from Modigliani’s exhibit, others include; Snapshots of Armageddon: Jack Turner and the Great War; Henry Buckton Lawrence: Sketches of Canadian Sports and Pastimes; Chromatrope: An immersive painting installation based on replicating the experience of space and time; and Dialogues: Recent acquisitions by Allan Harding Mackay, Jinny Yu positioned in dialogue.

Modigliani’s exhibit runs until Feb. 14.