Green Men come out to play at Holland College

By Letre Sweeting

Nov. 13, 2015

A volunteer program finds creative ways to promote sustainability yesterday in Charlottetown.

In upcoming weeks the Green Machine Men, as they call themselves, can be seen running around the Holland College Prince of Wales campus promoting everyday recycling and sustainability through the college’s volunteer and program.

These Green Machine Men are members of the Green Machine Volunteer program and students of the college that choose to volunteer and bring awareness to the environment by finding and rewarding students who demonstrate environment sustainability.

Ever since she realized all the unsustainable things going on at the college every day she knew she would be starting a program to correct this says founder of the Holland College green Machine program.

Joan Diamond, is a Transitions Coordinator of the Learner Support & Applied Research Department at Holland College by day and an environmental stewardess for the Holland College Green Machine in her spare time. She has always been passionate about preserving the environment and strives for Holland College and eventually all Canada to be greener and environmentally aware.

Five years ago Diamond was inspired to start a program that brought awareness to environmental sustainability which led to what Marketing and Advertising student Lenzel Rahming said is the most influential and informative green program in his life.

“ I saw the Green Machine Men running around on Wednesday, it brought my attention to Green Machine itself and what they stand for really surprised me because we don’t have anything like this back home (The Bahamas).”

Diamond said the best part of this program is the fact that every member is like-minded and works well together to achieve their goals.

“I think I can safely say the teamwork is our favourite part.  When we all work hard to find meaningful ways to spread the word, and then when the events go smoothly. That is a great feeling.”

Holland College Green Machine also gives out Random Acts of Greenness Awards which she said are given to individuals or groups within Holland College or community, who best display what the program stands for.

“We recognized people who act as good environmental stewards in the college and community.”

She also saw the impact and influence of the program when the program launched its Mug Shots event, which included people who posted photos of themselves on Facebook using refillable mugs.

“People can post pictures of themselves with their favorite refillable mug to our Facebook page to win a weekly prize. Major cash prizes to be drawn for on World Water Day.”

Diamond said since the program has started, several sustainable changes have been put in place as a result, as well as many other things that are in progress.

“Since our inception we have…introduced the Water Works campaign in order to raise awareness in college campuses and community about water issues in and around the Charlottetown area, installed filtered water stations at Charlottetown and TCC campuses, and lobbied senior management successfully to eliminate old bottled water stations, paper pay stubs.”

The next event the Holland College Green Machine wants to accomplish is the shoot-out, the Trash-stakes and Trash Mountain. During the weeks leading up to this event, the Green Machine Men will running around encouraging others to sort trash throw it in the right trash section.

Holland College Green Machine is a community volunteer program and it is home to several students and staff of Holland College. This community program features members and personalities from many different walks of life.

Holland College Green Machine has 16 members this school year. The program has been in existence for four years and is currently the only one of its kind at Holland College.