They got what they said they wanted: Harper gone

By Madison Blanchard

Oct. 22 2015

Natasha Wiegers knows how she feels about the Oct. 19 federal election

“I’m just happy Harper’s gone.”

The Holland College student’s viewpoint was echoed by others in the wake of Justin Trudeau’s Liberals winning a majority government.

Rachel Campion was pleased the Liberals won, echoing in what seemed to be the overwhelming sentiment.

“Harper’s out, so it can’t get much worse.”

Ryan Simpson was interested in the other parties’ losses and how it played out over he course of the night, not just the Liberal victory over Harper.

“If you look at it, the NDP lost a lot of important seats like Halifax and Dartmouth, where the deputy minister of the NDP were in, and in Egmont where Gail Shea, Conservative cabinet member, is gone.”

The Liberal victory was more a result of strategic voting than an actual belief in what the Liberal party was promising, Simpson said.

“People were voting for the Liberals because Trudeau is a charismatic person and the NDP weren’t very strong in this election. It’s more of an escape of the lesser of two evils than it is a real representation of what the country wants.”

Kaine McPherson agreed.

“People just really wanted Stephen Harper gone.”