Student athletes face challenges every daty

By Mark Barrett

Oct 30th, 2015

Kendra Dawkins, of Nassau Bahamas says the public underestimates the challenges facing student athletes.

What must be understood is some people are gifted both academically and athletically, not everyone, said the student from Nassau Bahamas.

“For those of us who aren’t as gifted as others, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to stay focused and not quit everything.”

According to Stats Canada only four of 10 student athletes were able to obtain full and or partial scholarships. Canada’s Atlantic division of collegiate athletics committee limits the number of scholarships and or bursaries a college or university can give out.

As a result, Mark Gram like many other student athletes, depends on student loans from the government to take care of tuition.

Between class work, practices, games, and you’re personal life it’s enough on one plate, Gram said.

“I have no choice but to perform in class now, given the fact that I’m injured. The average person, I believe, would drop out then come back at it again because the student life does get overwhelming if you’re doing what you’re supposed to.”