Indian River Church hosting Tom Jackson’s Huron Carole tour

By Jerry Laird

Oct. 30, 2015

You may remember Tom Jackson.

He played Chief Peter Kenidi in the CBC, TV show North of 60. After a six-year run the show ended and Jackson turned his energies to helping the marginalized.

Over the past 28 years Jackson has raised over $200 million in cash and food donations for food banks and various charities across the country.

On Nov. 29 St. Mary’s Church in Indian River will host Jackson’s Huron Carole tour. The proceeds from ticket sales go to the Salvation Army food bank.

The tour has become a key fundraising event for Jackson.

Jackson and his wife, Alison, lead a team producing the event. This year, they have added a multi-media aspect to the show.

Traditionally Christmas is a time of reflection and a time to restore hope in humanity.

In an interview Jackson said hopes when people leave the show they will be inspired to join him in his quest to help the marginalized.

“You don’t have to change the whole world, you just have to change your world and the rest will follow.”

Jackson said he has been down on his luck and spent time living in the streets, as bad off as he was, others needed his help and this is what inspired him to get his own life back on track.

“ My own despair seemed small compared to others. When you have nothing, nothing is everything.”

Jackson’s new album, Ballets not Bullets, is a message of choice. Artist have an opportunity to help others find direction, he said.

“Huron Carol is the vehicle.”

Jackson is also releasing a book of quotes, “364, timeless wisdom for modern times ” on Nov. 23.

There is a quote for 364 days and a space for the reader to enter their interpretation of the quote.

“ You fill in your quote for 364 days and on day 365 you have your own book.”

Ballads not Bullets can be ordered through Spotify on ITunes and Amazon. Proceeds from the album sales are donated to The Canadian Red Cross.