Grant Kenny and the music industry – Experience and a love for producing

By AJ MacLeod

Oct. 23, 2015

Ever since he was a young boy, Grant Kenny has loved hip-hop/rap music.

First introduced to it by his sister when he was 12-years-old, Kenny loves that rap is all about expression. He admires how the rappers tell it like it is with bold and ruthless statements about anything that’s on their mind.

He doesn’t overly enjoy the fact that sometimes rappers rap about nonsense and things that even the most successful rappers wouldn’t mention in any of their tracks.

Kenny said the genre is so popular because it’s so relatable with so many people. He said it also hits home with listeners and brings them to a surreal state of mind.

It’s fun to dance to, as well, he said.

Kenny said the current ‘king of rap’ is Drake, a well-known artist who is at the peak of his game right now. Drake is loved by so many because his songs are different than the standard rap song, he said.

The most relatable thing about rap music is usually the deepness of the lyrics. It gives listeners a voice they can relate to and a voice they haven’t heard anywhere else, he said.

Kenny’s favourite rappers are Drake, J. Cole and Kanye West. Their lyrics are bold and they always make their fans happy by releasing the catchiest and best songs they can, always putting in maximum effort in all their tracks, he said.

Kenny said he would never consider entering the rap scene maybe as a rapper or producer and he spoke a bit about his past experiences. “I used to produce a little bit but was never brave enough to get behind the mic.

“I took a break from producing because school got in the way but I absolutely loved feeling I got when I finished a song and realized that I helped make it happen. I’m definitely considering getting in the studio again soon and making some new songs.”

Kenny, 19, wants to find new local rappers and help them start their careers on the right track.