Election of Trudeau brings hope of change

By Rebecca Moase

Oct. 30, 2015

Holland College instructor Mike Gibson was happy the Liberals won the election.

Voting the Liberals into power was a choice for positive things rather than the fear of negative things, he said.

“It’s a big change, we’ll see where things go now.”

Having a majority government will allow the Liberals to carry out some of their proposed changes. One of the changes he hopes to see with Trudeau as Prime Minister is more openness in government, he said.

“I think we’ve really seen our government become less accountable and more secretive.”

He also would like to see some investment in technology and education to help grow the economy.

“I think some of their plans on that front are hopefully going to be able to come through.”

Holland College student Nathan Stavert also feels having Trudeau as Prime Minister will be positive for Canada.

“Justin Trudeau is a beauty and he deserved to win.”

Now that the Liberal party is in power, Stavert hopes Trudeau will address concerns such as climate change and infrastructure. He would also like to see them invest in green technology.

A Liberal promise he wants to see them keep is investment in green technology.

“I think that would be really awesome.”

Ryan Simpson said the Liberal party needs to be held accountable for it’s promises.

“You need to hold the government accountable. Whenever it’s the Liberals or the Conservatives, they always have the option of not doing it because you always run back to them in the end”

With Trudeau as prime minister, he would like to see the electoral system changed to something fairer than the first-past-the-post, such as a proportional representation or mixed member proportional ballot.

“The first-past-the-post system doesn’t really represent the majority of the people in Canada. We need a different voting system in this country because first-past-the-post does not represent the interests of the country.”