‘Not everyone should be able to smoke pot’

By Kyle LaRusic

Oct. 23, 2015

With Canada preparing for a Liberal government that’s committed to legalizing marijuana, an 18-year-old York resident says restrictions must first be put in place and enforced.

Kiera Mayhew said not everyone should be able to smoke pot.

In the short-term, she said, people are going to experiment a lot more with the drug and it’s going to make a lot of money for the government.

“People are going to be high a lot more often.”

She said weed will become just like alcohol. She said there will be an age restriction but you’ll still see youth smoking it.

“Eventually, it’s just not going to be seen as a big deal and our kids will see weed as we seen alcohol growing up.”

This is going to have a negative effect on younger kids and in the long run might not be worth it, she said.

“It will be so much easier to obtain so young people will just start doing it earlier.”

Mayhew said she has experimented with the drug before but never does it anymore because she has seen the problems it has brought to people.

“I’ve seen my friends homes ruined because of addictions to it, it’s a scary situation.”

This is only the steppingstone of drugs and it could possibly bring up discussions of legalizing other drugs, she said.

“It should be cut off at weed but I could see them pushing it even further.”