The walking dead comes to annual festival. Sort of.

By Nikola Cameron

Oct 15th, 2015

Get ready for the walking dead this year at the Charlottetown Festival. Sort of.

Mike Ross is the music composer of Spoon River, a live theatre production about a person who can walk through a graveyard and hear the stories of the dead.

The dead will talk about deep secrets from the lives of their past when they were alive. That includes having a spouse who was unfaithful, but they were pretending they were unaware of it their entire lives. For another, one of the dead announces it was them that burned down an historic building in the community.

“I’m honored and humbled to be an islander that has composed the music for a show that is happening here at the Charlottetown festival. It is a rare occurrence and I hope to be the first of many that this happens to,” said Ross.

Although death and the afterlife is a heavy subject to write about, Spoon River is a fun, enjoyable comedy, said Ross.

“It is a show about death that is meant to make you feel alive.”

In the previous 2015 season, the live theatre productions at the Confederation Centre of the Arts focused mostly on strong female leaders and female empowerment. This season the productions will have a new focus, said artistic director, Adam Brazier.

“This coming season we will be shifting our focus to community.”

The Confederation Centre of the Arts plans to present community in many different directions, in their up coming live productions in this year’s 52 annual festival, said Brazier.

“Our season will explore community from all of its joys and hard ships. How does community enrich our lives and who do we welcome and not welcome in it.”

Tickets go on sale for the general public on Oct.19th, announced general manager Dean Constable.

People who love live productions and want to get the best seats in the house, they can do so by becoming a member of the Confederation Centre of the Arts, said Constable.

“If you’re a member of the confederation center of the arts, one of your benefits is a little early chance to sneak in and get some of the better seats before the general public.”

This year the festival will offer a new package that saves up to 30 percent on ticket sales, said Constable.

“This year we have an exciting new package that we are offering, called the pick three. A chance for you to pick any three shows in our Charlottetown Festival. You can pick any date and any seat for just $129. This offers you both flexibility and a chance to save you some money.”

Brazier hopes this season will be one of the festivals most entertaining.

“Over the past 52 years we’ve seen thrilling new works developed and celebrated and produced Broadway musicals, elaborate plays, intimate concerts and we continue our commitment to bringing the finest entrainment.”