“Liberals sweeping the polls here, I was absolutely flabbergasted”

By Drake Lowthers

Oct. 21, 2015

Bill Gibson never thought the federal election would turn out the way it did on Oct. 19.

The Charlottetown resident said the Liberals winning all 32 seats in Atlantic Canada was a total surprise.

“When the numbers were rolling in with the Liberals sweeping the polls here, I was absolutely flabbergasted.”

Justin Trudeau’s Liberal party went on to claim a majority government, securing 184 seats out of a possible 338. This is an unprecedented increase from only having 34 seats in the 2011 federal election. For a political party to have a majority government they must secure 170 seats.

Don Desseurd is a political science professor at UPEI.

Canadians who wanted to vote for the Liberal party were well distributed, he said.

“Their votes were efficient. This has been the biggest increase by any party in our history in one election.”

Crystal Neary has confidence people will calm down and relax now that the election is over.

“What people want to hear more than anything right now is ‘OK, we’re in good hands and we’re in good hands for the next four years.’”

Trudeau ran a very strategic and positive campaign, Desserud said.

“They borrowed something straight out of the Obama playbook and they did it deliberately. That was to sell hope.”

Trudeau likes to be clever, showing he can do something edgy and different and can catch attention, he said.

“Those days are over now, now he’s got the grownup job.”