Liberal sweeps Atlantic region leading to majority government

By Justin Garnhum

Oct. 20, 2015

Sam Ferguson is a Young Liberal, but even he was surprised by what happened during the federal election. He was hoping they would win 24-26 of the 32 seats available in the Atlantic Canada on Oct. 19. Instead, they won them all.

“It was very surprising and exciting. It’s very good to have all 32 seats in the Maritimes.”

And now comes the job of running the country.

Prime Minister-elect Justin Trudeau said one of the first things he’d do is legalize and regulate marijuana. It would make it harder for young people to get their hands on the drug as well as cutting out organized crime, he said.

Ferguson favours the decriminalization-towards-legalization approach, knowing many Canadian teens support legalization.

Kirsten Buchanan is a Charlottetown Rural student. Legalizing marijuana would be one of the best things that would happen to Canada, she said.

“It would be a great start to change our society, marijuana has been looked at so poorly over the years.”

Dana Trainor is a sport & leisure student at Holland College. The Liberals are focusing more on the people, she said.

“They used a better campaign platform than others I’ve looked into, and I’ve noticed more Liberal campaign signs around town.”

Cam Laing-Richardson, a performance arts student, wasn’t too interested in the election. Stephen Harper dragged the country down and Trudeau will bring Canada back, he said.

“The younger generation is supporting Trudeau and his plans. It will be interesting to see how he does in the future.”

Cody Weeks predicts Trudeau will last longer than Harper in Ottawa.

“He (Trudeau) is the right fit. He will hold power longer than Stephen Harper and the Conservatives and get us back on track.”

Coming from Ontario, Dylan Echlin said he couldn’t gather up the right documents in time to be eligible to vote. His vote would have been for the Liberals.

“Trudeau is the guy to run the country, I wanted him to be the one to lead us.”